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"A man of courage is also full of faith"

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Uncertain Times

So as we deal with these earthly issues we certainly will have the opportunity to exercise our faith. I have used the term exercise one’s faith for a long time but I have never really talked about what it might mean. And over the years my thinking about exercising faith has evolved a bit.

For example, I can say that the country is going to be fine whichever candidate wins. If God is in control then everything will be OK. I can say that but do I really feel OK when I look at the world?


The difference between saying something and actually feeling it can sometimes be a pretty big difference. And we may not even always truly recognize our inner feelings. Almost everyone has said something like I feel fine but the listener could tell from our tone that we do not feel fine.

So as we look at the world one must often overcome our inner feelings to find the peace promised by God. This overcoming I think is a good definition of exercising ones’ faith.


We are in this world for only a short time of our total existence. God has told us in His Word we will have trouble in this world but also tells us He has overcome the world. Keeping this promise in our hearts and believing it enough to overcome what we see in the world is exercising our faith.


God has shown us how much He loves us by the cross. We are promised eternity through faith in Jesus and the cross. Please let that truth be what you feel in your inner feelings. Everything else that happens in the world will not change your eternal future, So please let your eternal situation guide your feelings. It should make you very happy all the time. And when it doesn't exercise your faith a bit more.

God’s Blessings 

Pastor Mike

Confirmation Study

We instruct those who are interested in learning what God teaches in the Bible and how we apply it to our lives.

 Alternating Fridays 2:00p.m.- 3:15 p.m.

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